Why get a reading from Chris Burnett?

Chris is an authentic, natural born psychic, gifted with the ability to see and speak with spirit guides. Best reason ever!
Because she was gifted with her psychic ability at birth, her dream from childhood was to be a practicing psychic. But, she had to wait until the spirit guides came to her around the age of 37 to say it was time. She then meditated with them for hundreds and hundreds of hours in order to develop the focus for her readings.
Yes, she is living her dream as a psychic. It took quite a while and lots and lots of hard work, but that only made it that much sweeter when it finally arrived.
Typically you don’t see many young psychics. Maybe this is because a good psychic does a lot of counseling through spirit. Chris literally sees and speaks to your spirit guides who know you better than anyone. They are truly your best source for advice and comfort.
Through many years of readings, Chris has found that most of us are simply looking for a little more peace and happiness and both of these often come from deeper understanding of one’s life…something the spirit guides excel in offering.
Please know that all readings are confidential!
Chris is an authentic, natural born psychic…best reason ever!

Why get a psychic reading?

  • Clarification…any subject matter at all
  • Empowerment…through clarity and understanding
  • Decision making…the guides help immensely in making any decision for any area of life
  • RelationshipsLove life…understanding any relationship at all
  • Comfort and healing…as spirit excels in offering
  • Understanding…we could really boil “why get a reading” down to understanding, whether it is life in general or any other subject
  • Speaking to the deceased
  • Life Path…why are you here in this life? where are you headed?
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Past Lives
  • Health
  • Career
  • Finances