I AM what my mind believes me to be. I WILL ALWAYS BE what my mind believes me to be. Therefore, if I desire change, I need to change what my mind believes and this I do by changing the core beliefs that feed my mind.

The human brain is completely neutral and does not care what it is fed. Feed it anything at all and it will simply go along with the program. However, if I want change, I have to understand that the most important time I spend each day is the time spent feeding my brain, for I AM what my mind believes me to be…

The Healing Promise is Spirit’s promise to each of us that we can change if we so desire. It is Spirit’s promise that no matter the life already lived, there is always hope. We just need to know how to reach in, dust that hope off and put it to good use.

The Healing Promise Reading is an incredible journey with your Higher Self into your deepest core where you will discover what makes you tick. If you really want change, the core is where it happens because it houses your belief system, which in turn feeds your mind. Your core also houses your unique light, along with any blocks, outdated childhood beliefs, and fears that might be holding you back.

Too often we try program after program, yet never find the lasting change we desire, and that is because no one ever taught us to access our core programming! It’s like working on a car’s engine to fix the transmission…not going to happen. We have to travel into our deepest core in order to change the programming that feeds the brain.

I AM what my mind believes me to be. This is an absolute truth. So, if you are not as happy, confident, powerful, or loving as you would like to be, then change your beliefs about yourself!  Use this reading to discover what your deepest core programming is and how to change it. Your Higher Self will help you to replace your beliefs in order to change, but know that you have to be willing to spend a few minutes each day supporting your changes!

Know that no one else is going to do your healing work for you. You are the only one who can do this. This is another absolute truth. You can seek guidance and understanding in walking your healing path, but again, what you accomplish depends on the work you are willing to put into it.

It’s also important to understand that we never really “heal” anything that happened to us. Once something happens, that is it. It is now part of the all important memory bank and cannot be taken back, but it can be replaced. And that is what The Healing Promise Reading is all about…replacing both the events of your life and their ensuing beliefs with more powerful and positive ones. This may be easily accomplished through the use of your own personal affirmations that your Higher Self will suggest.

Healing can be difficult work, but it is the most valuable work you will ever do and it will serve you for the rest of your life. My spirit guides introduced me to healing affirmations in order to speed up my healing. I consistently fed myself the affirmations my Guides suggested and within a few weeks, I couldn’t believe the positive change I was experiencing. Finally I had a chance at being happy and this was around the age of forty. It is never too late! If you are alive, you can change!

I like to say, “If I can change, anyone can!” I had so much healing and changing to do, but with the help of the affirmations that my Guide’s gave to me, it was easier than I expected, but only because I was finally willing to do the work it took to believe in myself. I was finally ready to travel into my core and face what was there and do the work to replace it.

Only you can decide that you are worth the effort to heal. The Guides taught me that I had to believe in myself before others would, and if I didn’t love myself, who would? You know the answer to that question is no one. I AM the only one who can do my healing work and I did it because I AM what my mind believes me to be, and I AM capable of change…this I BELIEVE.

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