Indira Gandhi Interview

In deep meditation this morning I find myself sitting at the table with a woman of East Indian descent. She seems familiar and I suspect she is Indira Gandhi, so I look up her picture and indeed it is Indira. I am surprised, though pleased, and somewhat puzzled as to why she is here, but I smile and she does the same in return.

My immediate thought is what a piece of steel it is sitting here in front of me. I ask why she is here and she says, “Woman have been polite for far too long. Men have deep seated fears of a woman’s strength and wrath, so why do women stand to the side in deference? Women need to rally their voices. Why are they putting up with second-class citizenry? The world as it is today needs great strength. It most certainly does not need more violence and women banded together may help halt the violence. Why must a women in power still be a rarity?”

I ask her about her death by assassination and she waves it off like it is of no interest.

“I am not here to speak of my death. I was fortunate that it was quick. I was born to rule. I ruled. I was born to die. I died. But I am restless now as I watch my country fall apart through its squabbling leaders. We need great strength to come forward. We need all women to stand and express their voices. There is a young woman alive today who is not yet aware of her strength, but circumstances are going to bring her forward as a leader. She will gather many and create a tidal surge of rights that will be demanded, a tidal surge that men will not be allowed to ignore. Men will take a knee before her gathering power.”

I am assuming the girl she speaks of is of East Indian heritage because of the image I see of her. She is not dark, yet not real light. She has very thick hair that appears to be mostly straight, yet maybe a bit wiry? As of now she wears it above the shoulders, but a bit below her ears. She is not real concerned with her looks as in being a total fem, yet is aware of her femininity. She feels her strength building, but has no clue what to do with it, and neither should she for she is young, maybe late teens?

I ask Indira why she is showing this young woman to us.

“Because I am tired of second-class women,” she says as she bangs her fist on the table.

I am so used to working with Spirits who look like the person they were in their life, but now possess the profoundly beautiful Spirit. But Indira comes in as the forceful, straight-talking power that she was in life.

“I wasn’t raised to take a back seat and neither are a lot of the women today, but still they defer to men’s self acclaimed superiority. How can women make strides from the backseat? Forget it ladies. Go for the jugulars while showing no fear. Men are afraid of women. It is inherent. Use this to your advantage.”

“How do we as women suddenly find our voices when we have been raised in today’s society?”
“What society? Look at the years I ruled. Were woman stronger in that time? No, they had far fewer rights than today, but what does that matter? Women’s voices have always been heard throughout history, especially when a woman takes a stand.”

I see a vision of the young woman again and I feel she is in school still. I don’t know if it is high school or university. She knows that she is different because she feels apart from others. She is personable and has friends, but is aware that she doesn’t care as deeply as they do about the social niceties. Again, I see her power is beginning to build, maybe gather is a better word. I have always said that when something big happened in my life, I often felt like I was lifted by a wave and rode it as long as it carried me, before depositing into my new changes/life. That is exactly what I see for her. Some big wave will come along and lift her into her leadership. She will be surprised by her own power and voice, surprised that others listen to her, but when the power takes hold and roots inside of her, she will wear it well. She will stand for equal rights and fairness for all, all the time knowing that change takes time. She will grow tired of talking to stubborn men whose minds are closed and older women who believe they need the protection of men to make them feel safe. But never will she give up. As long as there is a tiny spark of life in her, she will fight for the rights of all. She has a somewhat modified long life ahead of her, but ultimately her exhaustion will take over. Whether that is from an illness or from all her years of fighting for others, it doesn’t matter. It could very well be a mixture of the two. She will die knowing she could have done more, while possessing a fairly good feeling of knowing that she accomplished much. Her dying thoughts will be of wondering why people can’t listen? What is it that prohibits the truth from entering and taking root in their minds?

I ask Indira if this is why she came in today, to show this young lady to us.

“Yes, she says, “and in preparing woman to listen. Borders have no walls. Women from all over the world can generate power between them. The feminine doesn’t distinguish borders in uniting and fueling.”

She smiles at the word fueling and I can see in her eyes how much this Indira would love to come back into the fray and wield her power once again in order to unite women in an effort to balance the power.

“This world has been in the hands of men for too long and they are worrying it out of frustration. They need solid leaders to come forward and tear from their grasps the reins many of them are not equipped to hold.”

Again, in her eyes I see the power to rule the world if needed. What will you do with this young woman I ask?

She smiles and I believe she is wondering what took me so long to ask. I actually laugh out loud and enjoy the moment of mirth between us.

She says “That is why you saw my restlessness earlier. It is building inside of me in order to help direct her thoughts and life. She will not hold the reins of power easily in the beginning, but will grow comfortable enough with them as time dictates. I will be many of her thoughts and words as I lead her gently into her power.”

I love seeing Indira’s strength right now as she speaks of getting back into the saddle. This is work she was born for and even though she died, the spirit of Indira lives on and as we see now, can still be pressed into usefulness.

She disappears just like that and I am left smiling, amazed at the power of Indira that was directed to the good of people, and will be once again. I wondered a couple of times during this interview if the young woman would come into power through politics or religion? I assumed politics, but we all know the power of the word assume.


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