How do I even start this page about Gerald? By stating that he first appeared to me in our group meditation almost a year ago and quickly became the “leader” of our group. About nine months after first appearing, he let me know in personal meditation that he is from the Pleiades, the stars also known as the seven sisters.

Gerald always appears as a human to me, but from the first time I saw him, I knew him as different energy, sometimes calling it “star energy” or “energy from the stars.” When he finally said that he was from the Pleiades, it made so much sense. He appears as a tall, nice enough looking man, very powerful, but not in a macho way. Great kindness emanates from him, but when I think of Gerald, strength and happiness always comes to mind, happiness probably the most.

For what has Gerald always talked about each and every week? Happiness! Happiness and even more happiness, all located in our happiness basket, for each and every one of us has a happiness basket. From the very first week Gerald has said: “Happiness is a habit!”

Yes, happiness is a habit…and he asks us weekly what we are carrying in our happiness baskets. “What did you put into your happiness basket today,” he asks? Gerald talks about happiness so much, he has talked me into awareness of my own happiness basket.

Most mornings in meditation when I am doing my affirmations I think of my basket and what is in it. Just knowing that I have a happiness basket creates more happiness. Now, does this solve or heal my entire life? No, but it sure helps. Anytime we focus on the positive, we have won the moment and secured a bit more happiness and confidence for the future…confidence because we have claimed happiness and it takes a bit of strength to develop and carry a positive habit and what is more positive than a happiness basket?

Gerald continues to speak to us each and every week about how happiness is a habit! And like all the other habits that we pick up, happiness can be and really should be at the top of our list. Happiness is a habit, so make a habit of envisioning your happiness basket and its contents. What is the first thing you would put into your happiness basket?

Really, all you have to do is think of something that makes you happy and imagine it in your basket. It is that simple. Take the time each day to “see” your basket and imagine your happiness filling it to overflowing and if that doesn’t make you smile, what will?

You may want to make a basket or container of sorts and label it your “happiness basket.” Tend to it each day and watch it grow along with your own happiness. And talk to Gerald when you are tending to your happiness basket because he has said he will be with anyone who calls on him. Gerald is an amazing spirit guide who encourages us in a very simple manner…make happiness a habit!