America’s Future-War with Middle East

A Spirit Guide who appears as George Washington is sitting at the table this morning when I enter meditation. I am surprised to say the least. His relaxed smile contains a lot of light and I can easily imagine how charismatic he must have been. “Why have you come in today,” I ask politely.

“To speak of God. There have always been battles waged in His name and for what? For the glory, or the history books? For those who died? I believe they would have chosen life if given a choice. Who willingly dies for God when given the direct offer?”

“Slavery was not right,” he says, apparently jumping to a new subject. “We enslaved others at our own cost, for we knew better. We stood in front of the world defending our rights to own other humans. And what of our treatment of those men, women, and children?” He speaks now with sadness in his eyes.

I ask why he brings it up now since it was so long ago.

“Because any type of slavery or ill treatment of another human is not right and it is still going on today. Widespread hatred is growing all the time, some of it in the name of God, some in the name of countries. Do not believe that man has changed since my day. Do not believe that he is any better or different than those who surrounded me. I was a leader because people were willing to follow me. I became a leader through the willingness to speak up when others wouldn’t. I was raised with an expectation of responsibility and responded when it was time.”

“Ok George, why are you really here today?” I feel that we are tiptoeing around what he really wants to talk about.

He says, “A large war is about to erupt and there will be much scrambling to figure out the sides because all will not be as spoken or claimed. This war will be a black hole that sucks in many. America has got to join in because if she doesn’t, she is allowing what she considers evil to flourish. What is going on in the Middle East has got to be stopped because it is spreading too quickly. They need a firm foot to stamp them out. This is America’s business for she has become one of the ultimate targets. Afghanistan needs to be closely monitored. Don’t take your eyes off of it for a minute. Accept no false claims of peace from any of them, for they are not united and never will be. What one tribe claims, another refutes or spits on. The Americans will not understand their tribes and tribal customs because their customs are ancient and their tribal hatreds never change. They are very isolated and have been for centuries. America will never fully understand them. Know this clearly. Don’t waste your time trying. Don’t trust them. That is all you need to understand. Afghanistan is one of the breeding grounds of this war. It is a target area. Do not be fooled by any other talk because no one can speak for all the people of Afghanistan. A movement is rolling now, crushing those who get in the way.” He is speaking of Middle Eastern problems amongst its people…maybe even ISIS? He doesn’t name them.

“They need to be stopped in whatever manner it takes. There is no time for kindness and understanding. This is a huge threat to the world because too many of their people are fed up in too many ways and they will jump on the first wagon they see that allows them to express their aggressions. As a leader I was fortunate enough to fight a clear cut war, one in which we fought for the right to establish our country and live within her borders as free men. We fought for a vision. These people spout their visions, but inside of them, you find aggression and frustration rather than true vision. Life is harsher in their harsh environments. They are not pampered by weather, or politics, or cushy jobs. They are still living in their tribal customs from hundreds and hundreds of years ago, so you cannot appeal in today’s sense of the world. They don’t live in it, nor understand it. They have been handed what they believe is a holy war. So be it. Fight them on their own ground. Don’t waste time arguing holy wars and holy rights. Fight them. Stamp out their resistance. They are not protecting anyone. They are taking everything in sight. While that has always been the way of marauding armies, it needs to be stopped today…not tomorrow. There is no time to waste. Search out the leaders by whatever means it takes and bring them down. If you cannot capture, you kill.

“If we had talked to our king rather than fight him, we would still belong to England today. There are times for talk, but there are better times for fight. The Middle East is a hot spot that has already erupted and is its fires are growing larger by the day. He also shows a vision of a dark people aligned with the same ferociousness and beliefs as the middle easterners. “They are all animals because they have no morals. They have beliefs that might is right, but scratch their surface and you will find animals. The Nazi’s fulfilled many dreams in allowing others to violate what they knew was right, and people died. The same allowances are going on now by these tribes.”
“How is this any different than when we wiped out the tribes in our country?”

He sighs and says “No different. They were in the way of our believed superiority, so we took what we wanted. We fought for our country and believed we then owned it. In our minds they were savages who would never be any different than what they were. We were a forward thinking people who brought education and chance for advancement wherever we gathered. We came in peace, and while some would have it, others would not and we couldn’t allow them to slaughter our people. This was our country that we fought hard for. We took it because it was there for the taking. Had the tribes across the land organized, we could never have taken it. They would have run us out as we arrived, but there was none of that and the rest is history as they say.”
“Lincoln also issued a warning about America saving herself at this point. TJ said there was going to be a war in which American was threatened and both said that we as a country would survive, but that we were in trouble as a country also. Would you agree with what they said?”
“Yes. American is in for the fight of her life. Much like WWII, she will be taxed heavily. She will grow weary and wonder why she fights. Maybe she will grow tired enough to give up the battle in belief that it won’t reach her shores, but there are no borders in todays world. Fight these people! They need to be stopped. They need to be shown that the world will not allow their animalistic tendencies to run rampant. Turn their guns of them, for these are a vicious people who have no morals or boundaries. They will kill anyone at anytime in anyplace. They care not whether men, women or children. They are a bloodthirsty cold people and have been for centuries. They don’t pretend to civilization. They have a grand mistaken belief that they speak for God. I, on this side, can say with all authority that speak for themselves, but the human puzzle shows us that God is all, therefore they are speaking for God. God in all his wisdom possesses every thought and every possibility known to man, therefore cannot be excluded from any belief.”

“Now if these tribes, acting out of ignorance, decide that all people across all lands need to be like them and follow their customs, and they have access to guns, what is the outcome? Exactly what you see today. The animals have been armed and educated only enough to communicate their desires.”

I ask if calling them animals is a little harsh and he responds, “Monitor their behaviors. No matter where they are from, I will call them animals. The Nazi’s were animals. Would you argue that? There were moments when the British have been animals. I was accused of the same in my treatment of my slaves. Harsh times call for harsh measures. We cannot know the measure of any given man until what is his is threatened. I always acted in what was the measure of the moment. There were times when I was harsh, yes, but there were times when I was equally soft. Remember, measure of the moment. These animals today are training young children to be killers. You cannot argue with brainwashed children, nor can you reason with them once they reach adulthood. They were lost as children when they were trained to be killers. Hatred is pervasive and difficult to eradicate without extermination.”

“What is your final message here today?”

He says to set love aside when dealing with warfare. “Let those who stay behind hold the love. Let those who go to war deal with the hatred and dole out measure for measure. These fires need to be put out and they need to be put out quickly, without fear of retribution. Meet firepower with firepower. Pay no attention to their beliefs, for they are ancient beliefs that have no place in today’s society, yet they have brought them into our homes. They are the aggressors; therefore we meet them head to head. Our superiority will prevail no matter how long it takes or how high the price we pay. America needs to remember the cost of freedom is always high, but that is what she stands for. America needs to think of what freedom’s alternatives are, and then be willing to fight to maintain what she has.”

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