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Chris Burnett



  • I have had many readers over the years and Chris is the “real deal.” I would put her at the top of the list. Not only has she taken me back into my past, she has led me through present day and into the future. Chris did a wonderful spiritual healing that freed my body of blockages and helped restore my energy. Thanks to Chris my Guides are working overtime.Fran, Blue Ridge Mountain, North Carolina

  • Chris Burnett is a gifted intuitive and healer. Her work is stregnthened by her openness to Spirit and her willingness to act as a conduit of information from Spirit to those on the earth plane. I have recently had a most wonderful healing session facilitated by Chris through the Shaman’s Dream. As a counselor, it is rare for me to refer clients to a “psychic” It is truly a testament to Chris’integrity and gifts that I have, and will continue to refer people who I know will benefit from her gifts!Barbara W., LCPC

  • Chris’ readings have greatly impacted my ability to reconnect with my soul….especially the Shaman readings! So much has been revealed in the present, from the past, and for the future. She has a special gift and a special talent for turning questions into answers, thus opening the heart and mind to possibilities. Chris, thanks for the re-awakening!!!B.D. Memphis, Tn.