Can’t Meditate? Easy Fix-Same Benefits!

People often state in readings that they cannot meditate and are looking for the magic answer as to why not, and then further information about how they can. While many of our teachers state that they can teach anyone to meditate and this is probably true, the majority of people are probably not going to spend the time and money they may not have trying to master meditation. So what can they do to get the same benefits?

Quiet time! Yes, simple quiet time, and this is what the spirit guides usually suggest in place of formal meditation because meditation is, after all, simple quiet time! Quiet time has the same benefits as meditation! It requires no training and is free.

The spirit guides always say that everyone can meditate! Maybe not the way they envision it or think it is supposed to be, but they can meditate!

And whenever someone is asked in readings if they can do quiet time, everyone answers, “Yes,” with confidence, and this after just stating that they cannot meditate no matter how hard they try.

Quiet time is meditation! Make no mistake about that. With all the supposed definitions and rules for meditation, it can be confusing enough that many believe they cannot do it. But quiet time is meditation because meditation is simply quiet time where one goes within.

Quiet time can be easily accomplished in many ways, but almost all of them based on time alone where one may go within without distraction.

Spirit usually suggests sitting on the porch, lying on the couch, or maybe going for a walk to enjoy quiet time…anywhere you can find a few minutes of quiet.

I used to watch my mom quilt and knew she was in her meditative quiet time. Yet, she would be the first to tell you that she could never, ever turn off her busy mind to meditate.

There are people who do walking meditations. Some may garden or bike. Quiet time is all about your intention. There are no rules to it. It is whatever and wherever you make it.

I love quiet time while driving. I will turn off the stereo and talk to spirit. And yes, I do formal meditation most days, but for whatever reason I love talking to spirit while driving.

The value of quiet time is that you tune in and listen. Spirit talks to us all the time, but are we usually listening? Do we even have the confidence to listen?

Speaking to spirit is incredibly easy. There is no big secret to it, and yes, anyone and everyone may talk to spirit. You just have to do it! Once you make quiet time a habit, you also make it a habit to talk to spirit and then listen.

Your habit of talking to and listening to spirit will develop confidence and before you know it, you will be having lovely conversations with spirit.

So remember, quiet time equals meditation and has the same benefits! What are you waiting for?

Excerpt from Spirit Guide’s Handbook to Life…by Chris Burnett

In one of her very first lectures Grandmother, a Native American Spirit Guide, says, “The kindness of meditation is immediately felt, lessening the tensions of the day as you enter the calm within the silence, the calm that allows you to feel us, your spirit guides. Each and every one of you has their own group of guides who joined with you before birth in the common goal of your life.

Your guides are with you every second, forever patient as they know and understand your ways. Go into the silence not worrying if your technique is right or wrong. Go into the silence welcoming those of us on this side, because we support you with love. Never for one moment believe you are alone in this world. You are born with the support of your spirit group, therefore never without it.

Learn to allow the silence. Allow it to permeate you until you feel your part in the miracle of your universe, because every moment is a miracle. Go into the silence and experience the joy of us, your unseen companions.


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