Life is better with affirmations. Yes, life is better with affirmations. This is a scientifically proven fact. Affirmations provide positive impact for the entire level of the being, but most importantly the brain and belief system.

Let’s remember that we are what we believe ourselves to be and that affirmations contain the power to change what we believe. In fact, affirmations are the simplest way to bring about change!

 Over twenty years ago the spirit guides came in and taught me to do daily affirmations in order to heal, and now I always say that I like the me who does affirmations a whole lot more than the me who never did. They suggested affirmations that were part of my truth, the truth that would be my quickest healing path. And this is what you can also have  when you receive your own affirmations from your guides and are willing to do the daily work, which really is only so many minutes.

Can healing through affirmations really be that simple? Yes, it can. Not only have I changed through the use of affirmations, but I have seen many others do the same. A guide once said to me, “Healing is as easy as you allow it to be, or as difficult as you need it to be. Stop and think about that for a moment. As easy as you need it to be? Or as difficult as you allow it to be? Why would anyone choose the difficult way? Because it is what their minds and beliefs have been fed.

Choose easy right now! Relax into your changes before they even begin because if that belief is what you are feeding your brain, then you have guaranteed success in changing!

The mind is our most powerful and influential tool as a human and what it believes rules our lives, therefore I will change my beliefs in order to bring about the change I desire. Look around at your life. Your beliefs are easy to read just be what is going on in your daily life. Change your beliefs and you change your life. Simple? Yes, and guaranteed.

Our core beliefs rule our lives and while some of them are good, there are usually plenty of yucky, outdated ones that need to be replaced. The good news is, affirmations very easily accomplish this.

Maybe you wonder why you haven’t achieved change after trying method after method? The simple answer is because no one taught you to go inside and replace your core beliefs! These core beliefs are the foundation upon which you base your life. Remember, I am what I believe myself to be. Too often our core beliefs come about in childhood and we grow up with them ruling our lives without being aware of them because they started at such a young age and we quickly grew accustomed to them. That’s okay because we can replace and build new beliefs easily.

Feeling stuck in life is very common and extremely widespread. Stuck it boring. It is stagnant. It smells. It reflects lives that are flat. So how do we unstick ourselves? How do we set ourselves free and get our engines revving again? By now you know the answer! Through the use of affirmations!

Yes, quite simply and easily, you can be changed through the use of positive, truthful affirmations and we all know what happens on the inside is ultimately going to be reflected on the outside. And don’t we all desire change on both the inside and outside? I know I did and still do. Over twenty years later I still use affirmations every day because life is better with affirmations! And I like the me who uses affirmations a lot better than the me who didn’t.

Healing the past

We cannot really heal the past, but it can be replaced and we can certainly lesson the impact it has on our lives. The spirit guides say that the past cannot really be healed because the events that happened can never truly be erased. They happened and the impact that occurred in that moment cannot be wiped from the slate. No, what happened, happened. That is a truth and you will waste a lot of valuable time trying to erase it if that is the path you choose. However, a much simpler path is that of affirmations that will gently replace the beliefs surrounding the past events. We cannot heal our pasts completely but we sure can replace them.

Healing the past (a very traumatic one) was the key to the guides coming in to teach me how to heal and change my life. Grandmother, who is to this day my all time favorite spirit guide, taught me that the past is a huge, monstrous black hold that sucks one in every time attention is given to it. She also taught that no one can heal or change unless they are willing to leave the past behind because so many of our beliefs are firmly rooted in our pasts. I personally found that the only way I was able to climb out of the past was with dogged determination and a lot of grit, all of it spent in learning the power of affirmations.

Again, affirmations contain the power to replace outdated and unnecessary beliefs! For instance, do you believe yourself to be a victor or a victim? Look carefully at those two words, because one of them is your constant companion in everything you do. If you believe victim, then change your brain feed now! Remember, I am what I feed my brain and I can change by learning how to feed it change. I will learn to feed my brain good, healthy affirmations! No longer will I feed it the same old tired programming or something from the past that proves I am a failure, or not good enough, or not wanted, etc. Lets do away with the old programming and bring in the new!

Are you sold yet on affirmations? You should be because they are the easiest path to change and happiness. I love affirmations because they are incredibly simple, yet possess the power to bring about such lovely change. But they do require work. Make no mistake about that. Affirmations bring up our “stuff,” so that we can let our “stuff” go, all that lovely stuff from the past, present and maybe even the future, because we do love to worry about the future, don’t we? And all that does is pave the road to the future with lots of stress. Well, instead of paving through worry and stress, let’s learn to pave through the use of positive affirmations that will change our worries into strong, positive beliefs that will pave our road with the beautiful light of possibility and happiness.

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