Chris Burnett, residing in the foothills of Virginia's mountains, is a professional psychic serving clients around the world. Gifted at birth with natural psychic ability, this allows her to see and speak with those on the other side. This enables her to speak directly to your personal spirit guides for the most accurate information about you and your life.No matter what area of life you are seeking guidance for; your personal guides are your best source of information. As Chris always says, “Who knows you better than your own guides?”

All readings may be done in person or over the phone. They are recorded free of charge.

Chris also enjoys writing with the spirit guides. Feel free to visit the blog page to read their wisdom and advice.

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Psychic Readings

Higher Self Reading

Questions? Any question or topic…your Higher Self has answers along with clarity and direction.

Shaman Reading

Along with your psychic reading the Shaman brings deep, transformative energy that opens the third eye and brain...both crucial to facilitating shifts and healing. On Sale Now!

Warrior Reading

The absolute deepest reading ever. We will spend close to two hours going deeper and deeper...truly amazing

Our Lady Reading

"Our Lady" brings her own beautiful energy to you, along with your psychic reading.

One Question Reading

The ever popular one-question reading-by email only. On Sale Now!

House Clearing

The ideal setting for a home is a warm, welcoming energy that greets one upon entering, whether for sale or personal use.

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Chris will select a winner once a month for a chance to receive a one-question email reading.  To enter the drawing, simply provide your name and email on the form to the right. If selected you will be notified immediately.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.  We guarantee not to disclose your information to anyone, nor will we send you anything not requested. One Question Readings are conducted by email only.

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What some of Chris’ clients have to say…

  • Chris, I wanted to email you to confirm something you told me about a year ago. My wife (then girlfriend) and I came to see you and we each did a 30 minute Higher Self Reading. At the time my wife was trying to get pregnant, but it was not working. I had tried before to get pregnant in my first marriage and had spent about $30,000 in fertility treatments… Read more >–B

  • I was very pleased and impressed on what she tapped into with me. There were things I had not even thought about consciously that she knew and then explained how to move forward with. The reading was more accurate than what I had hoped for. She is very professional, on time and personable. I will definitely be seeing her again… Read more >–DW

  • Chris was wonderful! I felt the weight of the world lift off of my shoulders after our reading. She had the answers to things that I had always wondered about. I wish I could have found her years ago! I can’t recommend her enough!–Deb

  • Just wanted to give you some feedback…after the Shaman reading I swear I felt a foot taller. Today I noticed it again. Walking down the street I feel taller, like amost off balance because of being taller. I feel wobbly almost. Strange…also my right hip released-waiting for the shoulder to follow suit. I feel energy coming back a little more… Read more > –D.H. Alexandria, Va.